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Laurent Martin

Hands-on experience across a wide swath of the tech industry including FinTech, MusicTech, LegalTech, LODE services, Web3, and eCommerce—including token sales netting over $120 million in investment. Major tech conferences, law firms, energy conferences, loyalty and rewards trade associations, and professional training providers are just some of the groups that have invited me to speak about tech startups and blockchain technology.

My career in tech started in 2004 in Silicon Valley. Early in my career I was a marketing project manager for enterprise software companies (mostly SaaS B2B) before becoming an entrepreneur with my own startup in Berlin, Germany and eventually transitioning into venture building and strategic consulting for startups.

"This isn't a flashy website by design. I focus my attention on my work for clients. If your project is interesting, work is what I'll do for you instead of marketing myself."